Roberta Heyer

About This Site

[Photo of Warren Heyer] Roberta Heyer produced an astounding sum of wonderful art!

Purpose of this site

  1. Archive Roberta’s art and provide a vehicle for everyone to appreciate her art.
  2. Document Roberta’s life and accomplishments.
  3. Honor Roberta for her lifelong dedication to art, from 1924 through 1995, 71 years of art.
  4. Link Roberta’s art in ways that were impossible before.
  5. Inspire young artists.
  6. Provide a source of information on the artist for future generations who will inherit paintings.
  7. As Warren would say “Keep Roberta in the limelight.”

Back in the early days, Warren Heyer, Roberta’s husband, had a bright idea to create an on-line gallery for Roberta’s work. We quickly reserved the domain name and started photographing paintings. We have over six hundred images on the site as of October, 2008!

Although Warren didn’t get to see the completed site, it would not have been possible without his foresight. He used his finely honed librarian skills to keep detailed and accurate records of the paintings. He also maintained contact with painting owners. Warren and Zac started photographing the paintings in January, 2003, and five years later, Zachariah Heyer, Chris Sataua, and Andrew Heyer completed the photographing, editing, and website development in October, 2008.

Warren not only provided a foundation for the website, but for Roberta’s artistic career. He encouraged and supported Roberta’s artistic endeavors in every way possible. He was the photographer of many of the images Roberta used as inspiration for her paintings. He designed and made a custom easel for her, stretched the canvases, and made most of the frames for the paintings. He was also tireless at promoting her work, setting up shows, sending mailers and attending art shows with Roberta. For example, Warren initiated the idea of making a video of Roberta, and he introduces Roberta at the start of the six part YouTube videos.


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